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Article: The Holistic Guide to Preparing for Motherhood

The Holistic Guide to Preparing for Motherhood
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The Holistic Guide to Preparing for Motherhood

The Baby is Coming, Are You Ready?

If you’ve been a loyal follower of this blog handle, you’ll know that we’ve covered many topics relating to ‘baby prep’.

From home renovations to cleaning hacks, nursery décor tips to product checklists, and even a pre-delivery regiment for mamas.

Our goal has been to offer up useful information to mothers, from mothers who have lived the experience already.

And with that in mind, here’s Greendigo’s latest piece.

This blog features not just the material and logistical aspects of preparing for a baby, but the psychological and physical aspects too.

Here is our holistic guide to preparing for motherhood!

We’ve outlined 6 areas to focus your time and energy towards.

The Mindset

The very first step to preparing for the arrival of a baby is to hone your mental space. To do so, you must be able to acknowledge that you’re pregnant. You must also be willing to accept the fact that life, as you know it, is about to change. During this time, pay heed to your emotional health too. The goal is to manifest a self-assured and confident motherhood experience.

The Body

When preparing for the arrival of a baby, you must give your body the love, care and respect it deserves. Ample of rest, a wholesome and well-balanced diet, prenatal vitamins, and exercise, are the cornerstones of a positive and healthy prenatal journey. Consider engaging in yoga; it’ll help create unison between your body, mind and soul.

The Relationships

An integral part of the preparation process is in ensuring that you have a strong support system to fall upon. Have an open dialogue with your partner. Communicate clearly with your parents. Reach out to your siblings. Connect with your friends. It’s so vital to hold onto your inner circle.

The House

Once you’ve prepared yourself and those closest to you, it’s time to focus your attention towards your physical surroundings. From deep cleaning to baby-proofing, house renovations to nursery set up, it’s time put your contractor’s hat on!

The Finances

Have you created a baby budget as yet? If not, check out our blog on financial planning. We’ve not only outlined the average cost of raising a child in India, but also provided some helpful tips to get you started on the journey of parenthood.

The Birth Plan

The final piece to the preparation puzzle is knowing what to expect of the delivery itself. You’ve got some important decisions to make. Like the type of childbirth, the use of pain interventions, newborn aftercare, and more.

The Healthcare Provider

Who is your OBYN? Have you gone for your first consultation? It’s time to book it in. Look to our earlier blog that outlines all the important questions to ask your doctor. Our checklist will ensure that you’re well prepared.

The Employer

We hope you’ve discussed the stipulations regarding your maternity leave. Don’t forget to ask about the paid/unpaid options that are available. You’ll also want to create a plan for covering your responsibilities while you are away.

Once you’ve packed that hospital bag, just sit back and relax, the prep work is done.

Maybe engage in your favourite hobbies, now?

You can even read some baby books or tune into a motherhood podcast.

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