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Article: The Flying Stroller | Grab These Baby Travel Essentials for 2023!

The Flying Stroller | Grab These Baby Travel Essentials for 2023!

The Flying Stroller | Grab These Baby Travel Essentials for 2023!

While you may be a pro traveller, when it comes to a trip with a tiny tot, the rules are a little different.

After all, babies need a ton of stuff to get by.

That being said, you are not expected to airlift the nursery either, knowing what to pack is crucial.

Don’t be rattled, parents.

As long as you’ve got the essentials, your baby will be on board (pun intended).

Greendigo’s list of must-have travel items for babies and toddlers will get you well on your way.

Now, let’s get moving!

Here are our top 12 things to pack:

  1. Baby Blanket - A soft, breathable, organic cotton blanket will ensure the most peaceful sleep for your bub. Plus, its multipurpose nature allows you to use it as a swaddle or play mat.
  1. Baby Carrier - Organic baby carriers (wraps or slings) allow you to be hands-free and at ease. Opt for one with different carrying positions for maximum travel convenience.
  1. Nursing Pack - A portable and efficient breast pump, plastic-free and non-toxic baby bottle, and organic cotton nursing cover, will allow you to nurse with the utmost peace of mind.
  1. Swaddle / Sleep Sack – Depending on whether you’re travelling with a newborn baby or toddler, pick between these organic cotton sleep essentials. It’s a great way to keep your baby cosy on an airplane, car or bus.
  1. Pacifier - A pacifier that features a natural nipple-like shape and flexible face shield will help soothe your baby and keep them content and happy.
  1. Feeding Tools - Make sure to carry a basic cutlery set for travel comprising a bowl, spoon, sippy cup and snack cup. Look for brands that are sustainable and use non-toxic materials.
  1. Travel Snacks - Don’t wait for your little one to get hangry, strike when he or she is hungry! Carry dry snacks that can be easily munched for whenever their tummy begins to rumble.
  1. Car Seat - A lightweight, compact, portable car seat will keep your baby safe and secure when travelling from A to B. Plus, you don’t have to keep worrying about supporting their head or neck.
  1. Stroller - A lightweight, compact, portable stroller will give your back a break, plus enable easy exploration of a place. Make sure it can be assembled and dissembled.
  1. High Chair - A fabric or clip-on high chair that can be attached to the back of a seat makes feeding a stress-free occurrence. For when you’re in a hotel or resort, this is a super convenient option.
  1. Diaper Bag - A lightweight diaper bag, with comfortable shoulder straps, is a life-saver for travelling families. It stores all your essential baby items like nappies, wet wipes and lotion.
  1. First Aid Kit – From basic medication for a cough and cold, to specific allergy medication, this one is crucial to your packing checklist. Don’t forget to carry a nasal aspirator.

You can access our master packing list for babies in the blog titled, “The Ultimate Packing List for Your Baby’s First Trip” and some handy travel tips in, “Tips to Ace Your Globetrotting Game”.

This will give you all the perspective you need for wonderful and worry-free vacay.

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