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Article: Self-Care Tips for Soon-To-Be Mama Bears

Self-Care Tips for Soon-To-Be Mama Bears
baby essentials

Self-Care Tips for Soon-To-Be Mama Bears

You deserve it all, and more, mamas.
Here is Greendigo’s round up of bump-friendly activities that
place emphasis on ‘self’.

Keep a journal
Dear mamas, you ought to have a safe space for all your
thoughts, feelings and emotions. By keeping a journal, physical
or digital, you’re giving yourself a healthy outlet to express
everything that you may be afraid to say out loud. You’re also
keeping tabs on things that inspires you, from quotes to

Sign up for a prenatal yoga class
From meditation to stretching, there’s nothing that the healing
touch of yoga can’t fix. Or prepare you for! And for expecting
mamas, this is one of the best ways to trigger feelings of
relaxation and calm. Have better control of your mind, body and
soul with an array of soothing and strengthening asanas.

Subscribe to a podcast
For soon-to-be mamas, support and guidance can be found
digitally. By subscribing to an audio series about pregnancy,
childbirth, and more, you can get all the information you need in
an easily digestible format. Explore informative and relaxing
content at your convenience.

Practice art therapy
A blank sheet of paper, paint brush and paints…. that’s all you
need to create your own bubble of peace and contentment. Sit
back, relax and let your imagination come alive. Did you know
art therapy helps with prenatal bonding? It also works well to
reduce anxiety and stress.

Get a relaxing massage
A gentle yet firm massage is the best cure for achy muscles, as
well as pregnancy insomnia. Get a masseuse to come home,
light some scented candles, play instrumental beats, and float
away on a cloud of happiness.

Cosy up to a good book
Curl up on the couch, grab your preferred hot beverage, and
get lost in a world of your favourite literary characters. Reading
offers an escape from the realities of a challenging pregnancy,
and also provides much-needed mental stimulation.

Binge watching heart-warming movies
Movie night can be just what you need for a lazy, wholesome,
snug time. Select romantic comedies, family tales, or even classic Disney films. There’s never been a more opportune
moment to watch to your heart’s content, than now!

Go for long walks
Fresh air, the smell of earth, and the spring of your step. Mix
these ingredients and you’ve got the formula for relaxation.
Walking helps to declutter your mind, release stress, and
consequently, gift you some delicious sleep.

Recite daily affirmations
Did you know, affirmations are a form of emotional support and
encouragement? Yes, these quotes or phrases can help boost
your confidence and give you a positive outlook on life. Get in
the right mindset, so that you can prepare for your little one’s
big arrival.

How you manage to balance the above is solely up to you.
So, do what feels right.
But remember, you need to clock in some ‘me time’.
Write to us if you need more guidance!

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