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Article: Have You Shopped Greendigo’s Nursery Necessities and Knick Knacks, As Yet?

Have You Shopped Greendigo’s Nursery Necessities and Knick Knacks, As Yet?
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Have You Shopped Greendigo’s Nursery Necessities and Knick Knacks, As Yet?

In our previous blog posts, we covered major ground on the nursery/baby room.

From what furniture and fittings to fix, to how to spruce the place up for a cosy and inviting ambience, to which Greendigo products to grab, we curated a comprehensive guide that would assist parents in all their nursery needs.

But just in case you missed out on some of those informative reads, check out this latest piece from our editorial team.

Because we’re dishing out the deets on four Greendigo nursery necessities that will make your baby’s digs so much more practical and comfortable.

The softest, smoothest blankets for baby skin

If a nursery is your baby’s very own sleep kingdom, think of the blanket as a royal robe. It not only keeps the little one warm and safe, but drapes tastefully over the crib like a plush and beautiful accessory. Take for example Greendigo’s Starlight Baby Blanket (40 x 30 inches), that comes in a power blue shade, with a delicate cable knit design. Made out of organic cotton, this machine washable cover is all things loving and pure.

Bedding sets that spell sweet dreams

Greendigo’s magical bedding sets feature a wide variety of products that are designed to give your bub a good night’s rest, as well as transport them to dreamland. Where else will you find such a thoughtfully assembled bundle comprising:

2 flat bed sheets - 70 x 47 inches

2 baby pillow covers (1 pillow filler included)

1 reversible blanket - 39 x 27.5 inches

2 multipurpose swaddle / burp cloths

1 shape cushion

Featuring adorable prints, from giraffes to elephants to birds, these sets are both fashionable and functional.

Organisers that moonlight as accessories

When a storage bag works well to keep your baby’s items safe and add flair to the nursery space, what more could a parent want? Explore a range of organic cotton organiser bags (23.5 x 15.5 x 6 inches) that come in lovely, soft shades like lavender and buttercup. Each one is multipurpose, with ample of storage space. You can hang it on the back of a door, off a changing rack, or on the the side of the cot. Or, if you’d like, you can use it as an accessory that adds vibrancy to the room.

Swaddle bags for snug-as-a-bug moments

Keeping those squirmy and wriggly infants secure is a task fit for Greendigo’s swaddle bags. The hero feature is a two-way zip closure that makes it super convenient to place the baby in whilst making diaper changes. What’s more, the bell shape encourages healthy growth and movement. Soft, breathable, non-toxic, and great at restricting startle reflexes, this one was made for your baby. Check out our rainbow swaddle bag; it’s darling!

A few products are all it takes to elevate the nursery space to the standards that your baby deserves.

Shop Greendigo, and make sure to look at how your purchase is helping save the planet.

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