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Article: Cradle Talk | Conquering Infant Sleep Challenges

Cradle Talk | Conquering Infant Sleep Challenges
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Cradle Talk | Conquering Infant Sleep Challenges

Picture your little one drifting off to sleep and snoozing peacefully through the night.

This perfect image can be tarnished by the reality of frequent awakenings and sleepless nights.

Sleep problems are a common concern for parents.

And that’s why it’s important to understand what causes them and implement effective strategies to ensure more restful nights.

Continuous midnight disruptions

If there’s one certainty, it’s that babies wake up frequently during the night. This is because their little bodies require regular feedings. Establish a basic feeding routine to manage the disturbance to your sleep cycle. Ensure that your baby gets a full feed just before sleep, encouraging longer sleep periods. While this may not eliminate wakings, it will definitely help consolidate sleep.

Challenges with daytime naps

Newborns up to six months may struggle to settle down for a nap, which could lead to overtiredness and fussiness. To combat this challenge, work towards a consistent daytime sleep routine. Keep the room dimly lit, use white noise to mimic womb sounds, and wrap them up in GOTS-certified organic cotton swaddles to help induce sleep.

Dependence on sleep associations

Infants may become heavily reliant on sleep associations such as being rocked or nursed, which can lead to difficulties when they awake and are devoid of the same conditions. That’s why it’s important to encourage self-soothing in some form. You can try placing your baby in the crib while drowsy but still awake. Over time, they'll learn to fall asleep independently.

Nighttime fussiness and gas

It’s very common for babies to experience digestive tract issues such as gas and discomfort during the early months. To alleviate these problems, try techniques like gentle tummy massages, bicycle leg movements, and holding your baby in an upright position after feedings. If you suspect a more serious issue like reflux, consult your paediatrician for guidance.

Temporary sleep regression

Did you know, that around the four-month stage, some babies may experience sleep regression? It's natural for sleep patterns to temporarily unravel during this developmental phase. All you need to do is stick to your routine and ride out the regression as your baby slowly but surely adapts to new sleep patterns. And don’t forget that secret ingredient - love.

Day-night confusion

Due to their developing circadian rhythms, infants tend to mix up days and nights. This leads to a very skewed sleep cycle. To help them acclimatise, expose your baby to natural daylight during the day and avoid overstimulation at night. Regulate the lighting during night feedings in order to signal that it's time for sleep.

Teething discomfort

Some infants begin teething as early as three months, resulting in discomfort and broken sleep. But there are helpful remedies to help ease their swollen gums. Offer chilled teething toys, use teething treatments recommended by your paediatrician, and provide extra comfort during periods of teething discomfort. Refer to our blog, “Soothe Your Baby’s Gums with Greendigo’s Safe and Effective Teething Tips”.

To enhance the quality of your baby’s sleep, explore Greendigo’s soft, gentle, breathable, and pure organic cotton blankets that are sure to be your perfect bedtime partner.

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