Vacationing with kids : Smart Hacks for Smart Packs

The sea breeze gently brushing your hair, the warm sun rays embracing your body, stargazing in an open canopy..

A vacation like this is a dream come true. With kids, you might want to plan this dream vacation well. You might forget their favorite toy. S/he won’t drink the milk because it tastes funny in the hotel.

With the holiday season around the corner, you must have perhaps already started imagining all these possibilities. While you know your kid and their needs best, here are ten quick smart hacks for a beautiful vacation with a kid.

  1. Don’t discount the journey. The travel could be chilly, uncomfortable, and cramped. Remember, the vacation does not start at the destination. As adults, we eat when we are hungry and layer-up when it gets cold. Kids respond to every discomfort with a tantrum. In such a scenario, a light jacket, comfortable lowers, a travel pillow could be your travel companions.
  2. A vacation is not a function. Dress your kid for the occasion. In case of a vacation, the occasion demands play, fun and cheer. Buy or pack clothes that resonate with the holiday mood. Comfortable and practical clothes, which are easy to layer up and down are the optimum choice for the kids.
  3. Pack extra clothes. Put some extra play-time casuals, undergarments, comfortable flip flops aside as carry-ons.
  4. To optimize space, go for capsule clothing and mix and match options.  Colorful, vibrant, mix-match options are fantastic for the photos as well.
  5. Account for spills and accidents. Fuss free clothes that can be tossed into the washing machine are the best choice.
  6. Toys and books are non-negotiables. Kids need constant stimulation. While you relax, your kids must be able to play by themselves with their toys. However, do take time out for mutually fun games as a family.
  7. The way you pack is as important as the items you pack. All toys and games must be packed separately. As kids scout for their toys, they may ransack your meticulously packed clothes if they are all put together.
  8. Try involving kids in shopping for the vacation. Let them have their choice.
  9. Make a checklist of all things that need to go into the First-Aid kit, including specific prescription medicines. Do consult your paediatrician for emergency travel medicines.
  10. Stock up on some nonperishable snacks and your kid’s formula. Tummy that’s happy and food that’s healthy and yummy, means happy kid and carefree mummy (or family)!

Lastly, one thing you must never forget is to have loads of fun and quality time with your Little Ones.

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