Unboxing The Post-Partum Surprise Package

You may have successfully navigated the stages of pre-birth and birth.

Post-birth, however, is a whole other ball game.

From incessant bouts of tears to uncontrollable laughter, cravings to cramping, fatigue to hair loss, there is a lot of ground to cover.

In this blog, we’ve listed six things you may not have known about the period of post-partum.

These insights come straight from the horse’s mouth!

Did you know…?

The blues can appear out of the blue

You could be the most cheerful and content person there is, but postpartum has a funny way of messing with one’s moods. Attribute this to hormonal changes, feelings of isolation, coupled with a lack of sleep. Yes, that’ll do it. ‘Baby blues’ typically last for a couple of weeks and are not to be mixed up with ‘postpartum depression’, which lingers for much longer. 

Diapers are not just meant for babies

Adult diapers are a thing, moms! Especially when post-natal bleeding can get so heavy. Don’t be freaked out, though. In a few short weeks, you’ll go from leaking to spotting. Think of these diapers like special night nappies that you would turn to during those heavy and frequent flows. The post-natal journey can be challenging, but at least you’re twinning with your bub, right?

BO is not BS 

Now, this might make you feel uncomfortable and more than a little embarrassed. We empathise with you. After all, no one likes to have body odour. Especially when you’re already dealing with a slew of body image related issues. But it’s important to acknowledge and accept this fact, just like you would any other post-delivery symptom such as hair fall, acne and weight gain.

Night sweats are normal

Don’t be perplexed if you find yourself waking up in a chilly, sweaty bath. It’s part and parcel of having a slightly wonky immune system. Night sweats are a common post-baby occurrence, and are a result of the cocktail of hormones coursing through your body. While feeling hot and cold at the same time can be super uncomfortable and inconvenient, this phenomenon doesn’t last too long. So, just exercise patience. 

Nursing is a knack

Welcome to the world of breastfeeding, where plugged milk ducts, insufficient milk supply, and latching problems are a common occurrence. Postpartum will definitely surprise you with its endless ordeals, but it also has an easy enough learning curve! And that’s all thanks to an in-built maternal instinct. Use it to your advantage. 

You never really knew happiness until now

The anticipation and excitement leading up to the due date is real. But nothing beats the very first moment that you lock eyes with your baby. It’s a feeling like no other. And no amount of knowing can fully prepare you for this moment. Your heart bursts with happiness and swells with pride.

As you can see, the mysteries of motherhood continue long, long after pregnancy.

Luckily, you now know to expect the unexpected. 

And for everything else, we’re always here! 

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