Tips To Ace Your Globetrotting Game | Shed Your Baggage About Travelling with Kids…

A lot of folks think that travelling with kids is a challenge rather than an adventure.

But we believe that having children is a reason to travel, not a reason to stop.

After all, there’s nothing like the wild to calm a child.

Planning outdoor trips or nature jaunts, especially, have a positive influence on a child’s attitude and behaviour. 

So, instead of talking to them about the world, why not let them see for themselves?

If you’re feeling sceptical about planning a vacay with your little princess or champ, this blog is meant to ease those nerves.

We know how tough it can be to get the rugrats to cooperate and be calm.

Which is why we're here to show you a way forward.

There’s never a best time to travel, so take a leap of faith

Of course, it’s easier to wait for the little ones to get big before packing them into a bus, train or plane. But as they grow, their to-do-lists stretch. School or extra-curricular could get in the way of travel time. So, don’t keep waiting for that mythical “right time”. Embrace the now, and hope for the best. Find that middle ground between spontaneous and planned.

Things won’t always go according to plan, so learn to manage expectations

If you’re hoping for a smooth sailing journey, be prepared for disappointment. There are going to be bumps on the road. The trick is to have a solution in hand – Plan A, B, C. The moment you acknowledge these roadblocks, and work on your mindset, you’ll see how simple things can be.

Don’t disrupt daily routines, rather, account for them

If you’re travelling with a baby, it’d be best to take into heed things like sleeping, eating and bathing patterns. The last thing you want to do is wreck those routines that you’ve been carefully building over the last few months. Remember, a holiday should aim to uplift not disrupt. 

Pack smart, for you’ll have to cart

While travelling with infants and toddlers requires you to be well prepared, it doesn’t mean shoving your home into a suitcase either. Remember, unless you have a personal porter, you’ll be lugging all that luggage! Phew. So, try to downsize. You can do so by opting for multipurpose items. Check out our blog on what to pack.

Don’t be busy bees 

Do away with overpacked itineraries and opt for easy going schedules with ample down time. Kids get cranky. Their attention spans are low. They may want some time to play with their own toys. Make sure you aren’t cramming 100 things in a day. Incorporate kid-friendly activities and outdoor excursions into the mix, and voila, you’ll see the difference.

If you can afford the help, take a nanny or babysitter along with you.

This will give you and your partner some time to relax and explore the sights.

You can also check for hotel creche options.

Bon voyage, travelling tribe!

Send us a postcard, won’t you?

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