The Keeper of Baby Memories | Here’s How You Can Preserve those Moments

In the eternal dilemma between capturing the moment, versus living in one, we think a balance is the best way to go.

You want to savour those experiences, but also make sure you have them safely tucked away for your viewing pleasure.

Here are five ways to keep those memories safe, sound and snug.

Classic Picture book 

While we’re living in the age of digital, we think it’s always nice to go back to the OG style of documenting things. Like placing photographs in an album, keepsake journal, or baby book. This is a cheerful and whimsical way to mark your little one’s infancy and toddlerhood phases. Putting together a physical book, where you can pen down your thoughts and feelings, alongside beautiful imagery, is so much more authentic than having an e-book. 

Hand and Foot Cast

Chubby fingers and toes make for wonderful imprints, don’t you think? Plus, your tiny tot will find this process oh-so fun! All you need is some plaster of Paris, a cup of water, a tin can, mixing spoon, and paper plates. Once you’ve got the mix ready, have your child press their hand or foot gently into the plaster. Why not add a picture hook to the back, once its dry, and hang it on the nursery wall? The rest, as they say, is memory-making history. 

Blanket / Quilt

This cuddly and charming idea works well for when your tots grow out of their little onesies, socks and mittens. What better way to save those beloved outfits than by sewing a magical quilt out of them? If you’ve got the knack of needle work, this is a great hobby to nurture. If not, get your local tailor to do the job. The idea is to repurpose those pieces of clothing that you just can’t let go off.

Ultrasound Photo frame

What happens in the womb, stays in the womb, not. That very first candid shot of your baby is incredibly special. It’s when he or she is basking in the comfort and warmth of your belly. By framing it, and hanging in in the nursery or dedicated baby area, you’re essentially freezing that happy moment forever. You can opt for a cream wooden frame to complement the black and white picture.

Video Archive

What’s a memory bank without actual, video footage of your baby? Here’s where those smart phones, tablets and fancy-shmancy cameras come in handy. From a documentary style video, where you record intimate moments from your baby’s day, to a pocket-sized reel that offers glimpses of the most fun parts, video formats provide an opportunity to capture the feeling as is. Be it that first walk, or those first words, you’re going to want to replay that moment on loop.

You may not even realise it, but you’re always making memories.

Sometimes those moments in between, when your tiny human is asleep or simply unanimated, are the most special ones of all.

Feel, experience, savour. 

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