Homeschooling – Tips and Tricks

Unprecedented times tickle our minds to come up with innovative ideas. With the emphasis worldwide to stay home and stay safe, many parents are finding themselves balancing between essential chores and keeping their kids healthy and meaningfully occupied. If you are in a region where schools and recreational establishments have shut down for a while, then remember, education does not always need a classroom. In fact, most useful learnings and lessons take place in the real world. If you are contemplating on introducing home-schooling, then here are five useful tips and tricks that will make learning fun, easy and fruitful for you and your little one.

  1. Structure with flexibility: Remember that you may not be able to recreate the typical school environment. But try to have a dedicated set up with a table and chair to ensure correct posture, well-lit rooms and to keep the warmth of the home environment, experiment with fresh flowers on the desk and healthy snack breaks. Set up a routine but keep room for spontaneity.
  2. Be comfortable, but presentable: It is a good idea to wear fuss free, comfy clothes that are suited for an indoor environment. However, ensure that you and your kids are well groomed. Remember, the attire sets the mood.
  3. Explore beyond books: You may have set a curriculum for the day, but children learn through different modes and senses. Look for fun puzzles, quizzes and games that will keep your kid engaged. Add some simple physical indoor exercises. After all, a healthy mind needs a healthy body.
  4. The world is your classroom: What better way to learn a little bit on plants than seeing them grow in your garden or balcony? The world needs practical education, now more than ever. Add current affairs, personal hygiene and respectful communication as other useful topics wherever possible.
  5. Go easy: Test waters gently and do not lose patience. This way of being is not only new for you but difficult even for your little once. It may not always go as per your expectations but that will add to the fun in this adventure.

Stay healthy, stay safe, keep experimenting and having fun.

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