Grooming and personal hygiene for kids

Health experts worldwide are now emphasising on the importance of basic hygiene in overcoming the challenge times we are facing. Kids love to jump, splash and play as they experiment and experience the world around them. However, in these unprecedented times, it is important to keep children safe and healthy, even as we let them be their usual playful self while being indoors. Here are five tips that will help you teach kids the importance of basic grooming and personal hygiene in their daily routine.

Washing hands: Familiarize your kids with hand washing, sanitizers and wet tissues at an early age. Have discussions and guide your kids on correct and effective ways to keep their hands clean. Keep reminding them to wash hands before and after eating food and also after any play activity. Be sure to use soaps that are gentle on a child’s skin. Also, kids are more likely to adopt these habits if it is made fun and exciting. So feel free to get as creative as you can as you teach them basic hygiene.

Showering and bathing: While very young kids may not be able to do this activity independently, it is a good idea to shower kids twice a day. Make this a part of their morning and bedtime routine, so that it becomes a habit. Teach them to wash and clean their bodies properly and ensure that they thoroughly dry themselves before getting dressed. Open discussions about bathing properly at a young age will go a long way in enabling more complex discussions on personal hygiene as your kid enters the teenage years.

Fresh clothes: Since kids are likely to soil and stain their clothes during the course of the day, teach them how to wipe off food stains and if need be, change into a fresh set of clothes. Choose fuss-free machine washable clothes for your convenience. Encourage kids to pick their own outfits every day and this gets easier if their wardrobe has pieces which are easy to mix and match. The importance of wearing clean undergarments should also be explained.

Clean fingernails: Unclean and long fingernails are a breeding ground for germs. Children may need your assistance in clipping their nails and while doing so emphasise on the importance of keeping nails short and clean. Making it a weekly activity can be a good way to ensure that the habit becomes a part of your child’s routine as they grow.

Oral hygiene: Proper brushing  is a skill that needs to be taught. Brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once at bedtime should be a part of your child’s daily routine. Make it a fun task by letting them pick out a toothbrush they love. Show them animated videos of their favourite characters brushing their teeth to drive the point across to them. Most importantly, you can lead by setting a great example yourself.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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