Fun winter activities with kids

Winter is here! Whether you are in a region with extreme cold or a place where a light jacket can keep you warm, winter is the cosy, cuddly time of the year. With schools shut, our little explorers can be a handful to keep occupied. But we’ve got you covered with a few fun activities that you can engage in with your kids during winters.

  1. Reading to the kids: Winters are the best time to snuggle up under the blankets and indulge in some extra naps. This winter, pick up some good books to read to your kids. While you may have limited options for outdoor activities in winter, reading is the best way to spend some quality time with your little ones.
  2. Strolls and hikes: If you are staying in a tropical country, winters are a welcome respite from the scorching sun. The pleasant climate may be perfect for nature’s walk with the kid. You can also take them out for catching a glimpse of migratory birds. Dressing up in layers is the way to go while indulging in some physical activities outside. Ensure that the clothes are machine washable. These will be perfect for an easy hike amidst nature, especially on muddy surfaces. Let them experience the unique beauty winter brings, without worrying about staining their clothes.
  3. It’s time for art and craft: Wear your creative hat and explore options for making the best out of waste. As you prepare your wardrobe for the season, remove all the worn-out clothes and try repurposing them to make new stuff. You can perhaps cut them up and put them together as patchwork to make a quilt. Involve your kids in these activities and let their imagination run wild.
  4. Donations: With Christmas around the corner, festivities should bring joy to one all and all. As you help your kids clean their wardrobe to stock up for the new year, let them experience the joy of gifting and donating to the less fortunate.
  5. Seasonal food: Comfort food that that keeps you warm are a winter essential. Explore your family recipes that are best suited for this season and engage your kids with lip-smacking winter delicacies while enjoying special meals together. Shop for seasonal fruits and veggies with the little ones while educating them of the importance of eating local and seasonal produce.

Don’t forget to enjoy the warm winter sun and quality time with the family during the winter holidays.

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