Bedtime Practices That Will Send Your Bub Off to Dreamland!

Dress your baby in Greendigo’s velvety soft and comfortable sleepsuits and get ready to implement some of these cosy practices. 

We have curated a list of irresistible sleep tips that will have your baby snoring peacefully in no time.

Help them wind down with a sensory experience

Create room for sleep by stimulating your little one’s senses. Introduce a soft, organic cotton blanket for them to cuddle. Curate a playlist of soothing lullabies. Give them a gentle head massage. Hang a warm and fuzzy mobile above the crib. End with a nurturing, nighttime feed. This tactile stimulation can help calm your baby and signal to them that it's time to snooze.

Set the scene with an enchanting, starry night

The stars and moon are the best sleep companions for your baby. Turn to a small projector that displays constellations on the ceiling. You can even use a night lamp to create the same effect. This can serve as a calming and captivating visual before sleep, fostering a sense of wonderment and relaxation. Watch as your baby drifts off to a far-off land…

Explore the magical art of ASMR

Have you heard of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? It refers to a euphoric, blissful sensation felt when one is exposed to certain sights or sounds. You can play soft, recorded sounds of nature such as gentle rainfall, ocean waves, or a distant forest. This ambient music can create a serene atmosphere and mask any disruptive noises.

Narrate tales through puppetry

Take a break from traditional bedtime stories by adding engaging props to the mix – like puppets! You can use a flashlight to cast shadow puppets on the wall. This interactive and creative activity will engage your baby's imagination and make bedtime more enchanting. The only thing that’s left is to dream, little one.

Discover the joy of dreamy aromatherapy

Add an extra layer of cosiness to your bub’s sleep ritual by playing around with essential oils and scents. Did you know, there is a special fragrance to help with almost everything – sleep included? Introduce a calming aroma in the room, such as lavender or chamomile. Try a diffuser or a gentle spritz to create a soothing olfactory environment.

Help them stretch it out with baby yoga

A little physical movement will go a long way in stimulating your baby’s muscles and priming them for better sleep. Why not incorporate gentle baby yoga stretches and postures as part of the empowering bedtime routine? This way, you can help your baby relax physically and mentally before slumber.

Try some of these wellness sleep tips and witness the miracle that is a happy, peaceful baby.

Remember that every child is different, so you should feel free to adapt our ideas based on your baby's own preferences and reactions.

Our goal, at Greendigo, is to create a comforting and enjoyable sleep routine that benefits both baby and mama.

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