5 unique gifting ideas for kids

Finding a meaningful gift which piques the child’s excitement can be difficult. If your kid’s playroom is overflowing with barely used gadgets and games, consider gifting an activity or experience as a present, or something that’s both fun and useful.

Here are five thoughtful gifting ideas for kids:

  1. Creating first-time experiences: From taking them to a zoo or an aquarium for the very first time, to going camping for the first time, birthday gifts can be made fun and adventurous. What’s more, it makes their special day unique and memorable. For slightly older kids, you could consider taking them to a concert or a game or even bake a birthday cake together for some cherished memories and family time.
  2. Build a gift: It may require time and effort, but the sparkle in the eyes of a kid when you gift them a DIY tree-house or a dollhouse would make everything worthwhile. Constructing their gift would not only would it keep them engaged but it will help channel their boundless energy too. At the end of it, they would have a great sense of accomplishment and confidence as they learn, struggle and ultimately complete the task.
  3. Planting a tree together: What better feeling than to share a birthday with a tree you’ve planted. Gift a sapling or seeds for your child to plant on their birthday. They can track its growth with every passing year and this can be a reminder of their birthday for the years to come. Taking care of a plant is a bond with nature that can be cherished forever.
  4. Personalized coupons: Time is the most precious gift you can give to your kids. Personalized coupons will be a hit with kids especially when they can be redeemed for fun activities together. Gift your kid coupons for activities that he/she will cherish and enjoy such as a deciding the dinner menu, baking cookies together, a trip to their favorite icecream shop or a day at the movies!
  5. Gift of choice: Kids have a mind of their own. Show them how you appreciate their choice by presenting them with gift cards. Not only would they have fun in picking out stuff as per their taste and choice, but it will also help inculcate a sense of shopping with a predefined budget. For example, with Greendigo’s gift cards, they can pick clothes that look good, feel good and do good. What more, with organic clothes known to be more durable and hardwearing, you can make it an annual exercise to pass on outgrown clothes to the needy and less privileged.

So be it a birthday, a reward for good grades in school or just a special treat to shower your love, a thoughtful and meaningful gift is a fool-proof way to bring a smile to your child’s face. 

Happy Gifting!

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