5 things to do with your kids’ old clothes

Kids grow up fast. While it’s a joy to see them cross impressive milestones in the blink of an eye, it also means that they outgrow their clothes quickly. So here are five creative things you can try with your kids’ old clothes.

  • Repurpose: With little creativity, you will see that clothes are not just meant for wearing. They can be great doormats and dusters. Every household needs these items regularly. Repurposing old clothes is the best way to have a steady supply of these necessities
  • Quilts, sheets, and more: Imagine a quilt made of all your kid’s favorite clothes which they have now outgrown. Won’t that tell a warm story! You can also put on your creative hat to make an eco-friendly shopping bag, a colorful handkerchief, pillow covers, and more. If you are into threading and embroidery, the old clothes will be a perfect canvas for your artwork. Since organic cotton clothes are hardwearing and longlasting, you can be sure of preserving your little kiddo’s favorites as cherished memories for the years to come.
  • Dressing up dolls: Along with a heap of old clothes, your little one would also have many stuffed toys and dolls. You can make things more interesting by making colorful tiny clothes for dolls. Along with repurposing, your kid may experience a renewed interest in the old toy.
  • Hand me downs: Some clothes have special memories attached which makes them too precious for repurposing. Fuss-free washable clothes are easy to maintain. They will remain in good condition and make for great hand-me-downs. You can use them for younger siblings or gift them to your close family members or friends. By reusing old clothes, you will also be doing the environment a huge favor.
  • Donation: You may not always have the time to repurpose or sew old clothes into something different. Instead of letting them pile inside the wardrobe or simply trashing them, give them away to the needy and underprivileged. Possibly, involve your little one in the donation activity. Let them experience the joy of giving selflessly.

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