Umbilical Cord Care and Greendigo Babywear, A Bond Like No Other!

The umbilical cord is the lifeline between mama and baby.

It’s regarded as one of the most sacred bonds of the motherhood journey.

After all, for 9 months, you and your little nudger are connected as one.

So, it’s important to give this organ the love and care it deserves.

Did you know, the umbilical cord allows oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to flow to your baby?

Additionally, it carries waste products away.

After your baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut, and a short piece is left behind.

This is called “a stump” and remains attached to your baby’s belly button for a few weeks before falling off.

During this time, it’s important to know how to care for the stump, so that your newborn baby does not catch an infection.

Tips to care for your baby’s stump

Be gentle, careful and patient when handling your baby’s stump.

  1. Keep it dry - A clean and dry stump is the first rule to ensuring newborn baby health and wellbeing. This will reduce the risk of infection.
  1. Stick to sponge baths - Sponging your infant is a good way to ensure that the stump doesn’t get wet. It’s recommended to do so until the cord falls of.
  1. Don’t apply topical substances - Refrain from using topical creams or alcohol to dry off the stump, let it dry naturally.
  1. Diaper up with care – When putting on diapers, exercise caution. Make sure to fold the front of the diaper down, below the stump, and in toward your baby’s tummy.
  1. Watch out for signs of infections – Be vigilant for signs such as redness, swelling, bleeding, fluid discharge, and foul odours. If you notice any of the above, visit your paediatrician.
  1. Let it fall of naturally – While it might seem tempting to pull it out, yourself, be patient. It should fall of within the first two weeks.

Greendigo babywear ensures comfortable and quick healing

Greendigo garments are made from pure organic cotton, harvested by local farmers.

Our apparel is certified by GOTS, which makes it the safest option for your precious infant.

As a parent, you’ll want to ensure that your newborn baby is exposed to sustainable materials and styles that will help them heal quickly.

Look no further than our soft, light, breathable organic cotton onesies.

Each of our pieces showcase a different feature – from snap buttons to side openings, and two-way zippers - that make it easy for parents to change diapers and ensure that the umbilical cord stays clean and dry.

What’s more, you can use our soft and gentle burp cloths as a substitute for sponges. As we say, you can never have too many items for cleaning.

Our swaddles, blankets and bedding sets are also the most comfortable and reassuring products to have in your newborn baby’s sleep space.

For umbilical care, Greendigo babywear stumps all others.

Shop our collection of sustainable clothing here.

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