Signed With Love, Sealed With Care, An Open Letter to Moms, Everywhere!

Who ever said that letter writing is a dying breed?

Today, we’re pulling out our metaphoric quills and paper and channeling our inner writers.

Our aim is to celebrate you and all the wonderful things that you do.

We’re addressing this message to all moms, old and young, experienced and new, working and stay-at-home, married and single, wherever/whoever you may be.

Our hope is that you’ll read this with an open and accepting mind, for we’re here to remind you of a few things.

  • You matter.
  • Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are valid.
  • You’re capable of more than you know, or give yourself credit for.
  • You deserve a break, just as much as anyone else does.
  • Your imperfections are what make you special. 
  • You’re doing a great job every single day. 
  • You can and should ask for support and guidance.
  • Your dreams are always encouraged. 
  • Your mistakes help you grow into a better person.
  • You’re more than just a mom!!

Now that we’ve set the context, are you ready to give our note a read?

Like we say, it’s letter late than never.

Here goes!

Dear Mom/s,

Being you is far from easy.

In fact, oftentimes, it can be unpredictable and messy.

Yet you take to this role with so much grace and dignity.

Like a starlet on the silver screen, one will never know what’s happening behind the curtain.

Your flair is unmatched, your determination unparalleled, your love unconditional, your presence inescapable. 

And no amount of poetry or prose could ever do justice to your character or contribution.

But we’ll give it a try!

We’ll attempt to put to words what you mean to us all.

Gentle yet oh-so strong, you make every member of the family feel like they belong.

Playful yet crackling wise, you’ve always got up your sleeve, a beautiful piece of advice. 

You're patient and kind, in spirit and mind. 

An answer for every ask, you’re the true master of tasks.

Your warmth glows bright, bringing comfort to every night. 

You're a cushion for when we fall, and in times of trouble, it’s you who we call.

But there’s one thing amiss, deary, you can’t seem to see yourself clearly!

And why is that the case, when yours is the most important face?

Our wish is for you to learn to love yourself and embrace all that you are, to take some time off and gaze at the stars!

Please do remember, you're special in every way, come what may.

So, take this moment to appreciate your journey thus far.

You’ve had our love forever, right from the very start.

And it’s a privilege to know you, dear mother/s of our heart.

  • Love Team Greendigo 

Will you join us in commemorating you… all your trials and tribulations too?

This letter comes straight from the heart, in case you hadn’t a clue! 

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