Organise Your Little One’s Room Like An OG

You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to do a good job with your tiny tot’s bedroom.

Greendigo shows you how to strike the perfect balance between tidy and trendy.

Follow these simple steps for the best results!!

Arrange the furniture to ensure optimal space

The main attraction of any nursery or children’s bedroom is the furniture. By simply placing the pieces in the right manner, you can create a cosy atmosphere, with additional pockets of space. So, make sure you think of the alignment. Do a quick audit of the space. Measure the walls, doors, windows and fittings. And then the real fun begins – positioning!

Set up a toy rack and create a dedicated play area

One of the best ways to keep your child’s room in tip top condition is by taking care of the toys. You can use a shelf, rack, organiser, basket or container to store all the objects. If you’re going with the former, consider placing each one by height. If the latter, do segregate the small and big ones. We’d also recommend placing the stuffed toys into a separate bag after a wash.

Manage the wardrobe and chest of drawers

When the closet is neat and organised, everything else falls into place. Like magic. But how do you go about keeping it orderly? Well, the first thing to do is segregate clothing based on various needs – by season, occasion, time of day. You can depend on hangers, dividers or clothes pins to do the job. Greendigo’s handy organisers make for great storage units for the wardrobe and chest of drawers. 

Keep the twisties out of the way

When it comes to a well organised and safe kids’ room, there is no room for all those cables. Wires and chords running all about the place is a sure recipe for disaster. So, why not let the power outlets run along the ceiling or high up on the wall instead? In this way, your child is not tempted to fidget with it. 

Get creative with wallpaper and coverings

Wallpaper can do wonders to a space. Especially one for a child. So, let your imagination guide you. Explore muted and soft colour palettes as they have a calming effect on children and can help them feel more spiritual and centered. Plus, it creates the illusion of having more space. Pick wallpapers that tell a story and can transport them to magical kingdoms. 

Spruce up the room with décor elements 

From a plush rug to a vibrant cushion cover, thoughtful photo frame to an eye-catching wall hanging, there’s a lot you can do to decorate your toddler’s room. The trick is to understand your child’s unique personality and create something that is an extension of him/her. Add a personalised touch by pinning their drawings to the wall or displaying their artwork on a shelf. Place a succulent by the windowsill for a green feel.

Create ambience with lighting 

With the right lighting, you can set the mood for almost anything - sleep, play, learning and story time. It’s important to opt for a good study lamp. We’d also recommend indulging in string lights of different shapes and sizes for a bit of fun.

With a little thought and care, you could transform an empty space into a functional haven! 

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