How To Scrub-A-Doo Before the Little One Arrives | Cleaning Hacks from Greendigo

Welcome your baby to a crisp, clean and calm sanctuary – your home.

We’ve given you all the clean deets, remedies and tools, for quick and simple clean ups.


Keep your space spotless with these cleaning remedies 

Why rely on expensive, preservative filled cleaning products when you can turn to these natural alternatives?

Create your own cleaning solutions with these 5 in-house items.

  1. Salt is a natural remedy for fabric stains, thanks to its granular structure, making it a laundry must-have. It’s also a handy kitchen cleaning companion, working its magic on everything - from pans to drains. 
  2. Vinegar possesses amazing disinfectant qualities, especially for those kitchen countertops and stainless-steel vessels. It’s also great for all your glass surfaces across the home, giving it that extra sparkle (make sure to dilute it with water, first). 
  3. Baking Soda is a fabulous deodoriser and gentle scrub agent that tackles dirt, stains, grime and grease. When mixed with water, and lathered onto a sponge, it works well to make your home pristine. 
  4. Lemon is an effective stain and odour remover, as well as a wonderful cleanser for utensils and surfaces. The secret lies in its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. When added to a mix of water and white vinegar, it makes for a powerful detergent.
  5. Dish soap and warm water are a match made in cleaning heaven! This simple and easy-to-make combo is especially effective in ensuring those kitchen cabinets are grease-free.

Make the process seamless with these cleaning tools

Who needs a bulky vacuum cleaner or a fussy mop when you’ve got these easy-breezy items with you?

  1. A classic sponge is the primary player in your line of defence against dirt. Make sure to pick one with good absorbing capabilities, and an abrasive side, so that you don’t miss a single speck.
  2. A microfiber cloth can boost your cleaning power by giving you a simple and effective means to disinfect surfaces without leaving any scratches (old socks/t-shirts work too). 
  3. A sponge or cloth may not always cut it, so make sure to keep an all-purpose scrub brush on hand to use on your tiles and complex surfaces (you can even use an old toothbrush).
  4. A spray bottle is a super convenient product, meant for storage and application of all your home-made cleaning solutions. Spray, wipe and repeat!
  5. A comfortable and secure pair of rubber gloves allows you to tackle even the most difficult of stains without worrying about your skin. Let the cleaning begin…

Cleaning Schedule

Making sure your home is immaculate, uncluttered and baby-proof is definitely no child’s play.

Especially when you have a watermelon sized belly weighing you down.

But with a little planning and prioritising, you can get the job done.

First things first - ask your partner to help with basic cleaning tasks.

It might also be simpler to rank cleaning activities in terms of their importance, for instance – toilets and sinks, carpets and floors, hobs and countertops, microwave and fridge… you get the drift.

Now, you’re ready to give your home a sprucing up. 

Get things in apple-pie order before the apple of your eye comes home!

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