Here’s How You Can Prep Your Home For The Mini Houseguest!

The clock is ticking, the little one is kicking, it’s time to put that spick and span home renovation plan into action.

In case you haven’t read our previous blog posts on how to prepare your home for the arrival of a new baby, this one covers all the bases.

Here are 6 ways to put the sweet in ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Be determined about decluttering

Simple yet highly effective, this home improvement tip does wonders to get your space nice and ready for the baby’s arrival. Plus, it’s a highly calming and stress busting activity in itself. So, tackle that mess. Get rid of the all the excess. And opt for a nice, clean, minimal layout. After all, your home is not a junk yard. Don’t forget to make a pile of items to donate.

Deep clean it like you mean it

A mighty important home improvement tip that just cannot be missed is… a good old scrub-a-doo! Look closely to spot those hidden, forgotten areas which may have gathered dust or mould over a period of time. From sofas and mattresses, to wardrobes and book shelves, floors and tiles, there’s a lot of room to cover. You may have to hire external help to tackle some of those surfaces.

Baby proof every nook and cranny

Your home will, soon enough, become your baby’s playground. Therefore, it’s vital to create a space that is safe and non-restrictive. First and foremost, move breakables out of reach. You should also cover all plug points. Consider locking lower shelves in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. If you are living on multiple floors, block the staircase with a detachable gate.

Create designated play areas

In line with our previous point, you’ll want to create safe and comfortable pockets of space that are dedicated solely to crawling, rolling, kicking, squirming, twisting and wriggling. This will ensure some much needed down time, as well as peace of mind. The last thing you need is a baby MIA!

Set up the baby room

You don’t need to have a separate nursery space; you can cordon off a part of your bedroom. The only stipulation is that it be functional. Go in for a spacious, comfortable crib with a built-in changing table. Ensure that there is enough floor space for crawling. Invest in good storage organisers and bins. Install blinds and a night lamp for a cosy atmosphere.

Deal with mould and/or pests

Bathrooms, kitchens and store rooms tend to be ripe for mould growth. What’s more, if you are not following good waste management practices, you are at risk of attracting pests. Which is why, it’s vital to sanitise, fumigate and eradicate your home from these unwelcome guests. Do seek professional advice for the same.

Tick these chores of your home renovation to-do-list and welcome your baby to a clean, tidy, safe, happy space.

Greendigo wishes you a smooth delivery.

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