Greendigo’s Guide to A Safe, Easy and Normal Delivery

You’re about to cross the first milestone in your motherhood journey – giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

To make this experience a smooth and worry-free one, look through our tips for a normal delivery.

These are meant to give you clarity and peace of mind. 

Pick the right doctor and hospital

When putting together an experienced and trustworthy labour team, make sure to choose a doctor who will manage your pregnancy appropriately. Similarly with the hospital or medical centre. Their views should match your expectations. It would be helpful to check if the physician and clinic have a good rate of normal delivery. Also assess the hygiene and liveability conditions.

Create a birth plan that suits your needs

The key to having a simple and stress-free delivery is planning for every contingency. A birth plan is nothing but a blue-print of your labour. It will include your goals for before, during, and after delivery. From the type of childbirth, vaginal or C-section, to the use of pain interventions, epidural or medication-free, to newborn aftercare, it outlines important details.

Monitor prenatal signs and symptoms

As the countdown to your due date begins, you must be on the lookout for certain tell-tale signs that indicate labour. These will vary from one mother to another. But some common ones include: loose muscle joints, urge to urinate frequently, cramping in the lower back, and false contractions. Be vigilant 1-4 weeks before your due date!

Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet

Consume small-portioned meals throughout the day. Make sure your diet consists of fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, include light and cool foods like salads and yogurt. Don’t forget to hydrate with water. And as a rule, keep dry snacks in the house.

Stick to a holistic exercise regiment 

Rather than following a strenuous workout with exercises that are not particularly helpful to the delivery process, opt for a personalised and bump-friendly routine instead. Going for walks, doing squats and sit-ups, will help work your thighs and abdominal muscles. Prenatal yoga is also a wonderful way to get your body ready for labour. Plus, it helps to alleviate nervous energy.

Get adequate rest and down-time

Being healthy and fit is an important criterion to having a safe and secure delivery. And without sufficient sleep and ample time to just be you, your well-being can take a serious hit. Only a well-rested person can adapt to such a scenario as labour calmly and without too many nerves. Explore Greendigo’s collection of blankets for a magical date with your bed.

Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions

Stress and anxiety are a big hindrance to labour. When you’re afraid, overwhelmed, or highly strung, your muscles tend to clamp up. Which is why it's important to go into the delivery room with the right state of mind. By being aware of your feelings, you can work on making them positive and peaceful. Meditation and visualisation help in this regard. As does keeping good company.

Now, you can waddle into that delivery room with confidence!! 

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