Give Yourself Permission to Pause with Greendigo’s Self-Care Toolkit for Moms

You’re probably thinking, easier said than done, right?

For mamas, self-care is way low on the list of priorities. 

After all, there’s always someone, something or some such to tend to.

And the person who often gets overlooked is you!

But why deny yourself that much needed love, care, and TLC?

Taking a moment to yourself is natural, normal and… necessary. 

In this blog, we’ll give you the tips to recharge your mommy batteries. 

It’s about time you give your wellbeing a little glow up. 


First thing’s first.

Why should you prioritise self-care?

There’s no big reveal here.

The answer is – because you’re human.

And you deserve a break as much as anyone else does. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Self-care is the ladder to health and wellbeing and happiness and contentment. 

But while you may get this in theory, you might not actually be acting upon it.

Just in case you need more of an incentive, here’s an analogy that usually does the trick.

Think of yourself as the heart of the household. 

If you don’t function at your very best, neither will your partner or child. 

The heart is irreplaceable, just like you.

For their sake, if not yours, clock in some me time. 

This could look like anything.

Taking a nice, long nap.

Going for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Watching an entire film without interruptions.

Reading 4 chapters of a book.

Savouring a good meal at the dining table.

Basking under a hot shower.

It might help to think about what you’re currently craving.

Spa time? Retail therapy? Just good, old adult companionship?

Keep in mind, we’re not asking you to neglect your family.

We’re simply saying, take care of yourself, so that you can take better care of them.

How to prioritise self-care:

If you’re still reading (or skimming), that means you’ve warmed up to the idea of self-care.

You don’t think it’s a whim or a fad.

What’s next, though?

How do you go about prioritising this all-important need?

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – plan.

Just like everything else on your list, self-care should be another item you tick off.

Schedule it, source the help, and savour those precious moments that come far and few.

And while we can’t stress enough the importance of planning, don’t get bogged down if things don’t go perfectly well.

For instance, your 1 hour of lounging in bed may get reduced to only 40 minutes.

This doesn’t mean your self-care endeavour has failed.

Take the small wins.

Try and capitalise on those in between moments, such as when your child is asleep or at school.

If you have to compromise on something else like a social outing, don’t feel guilty to do so.

Additionally, rely on your support systems – family, friends and neighbours.

And to make your self-care journey that much easier, thrown on Greendigo’s lovely lounge robe.

Grab one of our comfy blankets too.

They pair oh-so well with the mood. 

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