Five essentials for your hospital bag

At the peak of emotions and in the clutches of a life-altering experience, everything begins to blur. Whether you are having a natural birth or a planned C-section, the D-day can be as overwhelming as it is exhilarating. While you cannot predict the scenarios that can unfold, you can certainly organize your birthing essentials and prepare a handy hospital bag. Remember to pack stuff for yourself, the baby, and your partner. Do familiarize your partner with the contents of the hospital bag. Here is a checklist of five birthing essentials and supplies for your hospital bag: 

      1. Loose cash, credit cards, and mobile charger: You do not know how long you may need to wait in the maternity ward. Keeping some ready cash and your credit cards handy can help in buying quick munchies from the vending machine or a soothing cup of tea to calm nerves . Also, there is a possibility that your cards may not work due to technical glitches. In such a scenario if you need to buy some medicines urgently from the pharmacy then ready cash can save you and your partner last-minute panic. Do not forget your mobile phone, since it is indispensable at such times. A phone can help you pass your time while staying connected if you need to make urgent calls. Your smartphone is your mobile bank, map, source or entertainment, camera to capture magical moments, and the device to make SOS calls to doctors, friends, and relatives. Since you and your partner may have to spend some time at the hospital, carrying a charger is a must.
      2. Insurance and medical reports: Your latest scans and diagnostic reports should be at the top of your hospital bag. If you have a birth plan, keep enough copies of the same and give one to your doctor and your partner. Remember to carry your ID cards and insurance papers for a seamless delivery and hospital discharge.
      3. COVID essentials: Familiarize yourself with the COVID protocols of the hospital. Carry extra cloth masks, gloves, and sanitizer wipes and bottles. Face shields and masks are a part of the new normal for us. But ask your doctor in advance for all the COVID precautions and essentials you and your new-born may need.
      4. Post-delivery essentials: Diapers, changing sheets and maternity sanitary products should definitely find place in your hospital bag. Whether you have a C section or not, you may need to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 days in the hospital. So pack enough clothes and innerwear appropriate for nursing.
      5. Going home outfit for baby: Taking a newborn home is an exciting moment for parents. With pictures taking centerstage on this momentous day, keep your little one comfortable and snug in cute outfits. A newborn set with essentials such as a onesie, cap, bib, burp cloth, blanket, mittens and booties is a perfect choice. Soft organic cotton is a preferred fabric since it is free of any harmful chemicals and would not irritate the delicate and sensitive skin of newborns.

As you keep adding to this checklist, keep an open mind, stay calm, and welcome the new phase of your life!

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