Beautiful and Bountiful Baby Shower Gifting Ideas

Looking for personalised gifts to shower the mommy-to-be with?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Greendigo’s products are a blessing to new moms, babies, and the whole family.

Read on to know more about these baby shower must-haves.

Trendy Newborn Sets

It’s practical, it’s pretty, and it serves multiple purposes for a newborn baby. Which new mom wouldn’t want to receive such a sweet and thoughtful hamper filled with goodies like onesies, bibs, mittens and booties? For these reasons and more, a newborn set is the absolute perfect gift to bring to a baby shower. Greendigo’s custom sets are curated by experts, with each item handpicked to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Choose between baby girl clothing sets and baby boy clothing sets. One of our favourites is the Blushing Pink Newborn Set – it’s got many surprises in store for you.

Sophisticated Cot Sets

A great baby shower gift is one that helps new mums tick important items of their shopping lists. And what could be more important than baby bedding? A cot set is personalised yet functional, and makes for a smart gifting decision. Make sure you pick one that is ultra-soft, baby-safe and oh-so snuggly. Greendigo helps in this regard. For instance, our Chirpy Birdie Baby Cot Set, that features 2 flat bed sheets, 2 baby pillow covers, 2 multipurpose swaddle/burp cloths, 1 reversible blanket, and 1 Shape cushion, is made out of 100% pure organic cotton. You can pair this with one of our newborn baby girl clothes sets.

Chic Organisers

We believe that decluttering is therapeutic. Not only does it create more room in the nursery, but it also induces a feeling of calm. Which is why, one of our top recommended baby shower gifts is an organiser. Throw in apparel, toys, blankets, or any other loose material into the bag. Just like a cleaning elf, this product instantly works its magic on the space. Greendigo’s multipurpose bags are lightweight and spacious, featuring helpful front pockets. Take a look at our adorable Trusty Tusky Baby Organiser Bag; the tie-on loops make it super easy to hang it on the back of a door or off a changing rack.

Stylish Sleep Sacks

Another popular baby shower gift, apart from baby clothing sets, is the sleep sack. It’s cosy, soothing, protective, and deliciously comfortable. And that means, a new mum and her baby will cherish it for a long time to come. Did you know, Greendigo’s serene sleep sacks are engineered to ensure quick and easy changes? Yes! It’s all in the functional features. The shoulder snaps and side zipper make it a breeze to place the baby into the wearable bag. Plus, the fitted neck and armholes ensure there is no danger of slipping.

We’ve got gifts for mothers of newborns, in all shapes, sizes and colours.

With Greendigo, you get access to amazing products that are cost-effective and planet-caring.

Shop baby girl clothes sets and baby boy clothes sets.

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