Baby on The Way? Here are 5 Ways to Break the News!

Are you bursting with excitement at the thought of a mini you, whilst scratching your head about how to break the news??

Oh baby, don’t you worry!

We’ve got a list of announcement ideas that have a 99.99 success rate.

Greendigo’s latest blog outlines fun ways to break the news to your partner, parents, immediate family, extended family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone else on your list.

Take your pick, depending on whom it is in question.

Photo-op with the big sibling

This is one of the best, and let’s face it – cutest, ways to make an external announcement to your outer circle. Of course, this only pertains to couples who already have a child. The thought is to include the littlest member of the family in the declaration. He or she could hold up a placard saying, “soon-to-be big brother/sister”. Choose a background of your choice. Remember, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer, nor a fancy camera, a smartphone or tablet will suffice for this cutesy pic.

Message in a cup

Personalised mugs are all the rage. But this time, the message is not inscribed on the cup, rather inside it – at the base. So, your partner will only be able to glimpse the words once the drink is finished. Serve up his favourite hot beverage, be it classic desi chai or frothy café latte. And remember to keep the message sweet and simple for easy readability. Something like… “you’re going to be a parent” or “we’re going from 2 to 3!” Watch as his eyes light into a million fireworks.

Sonogram hunt

Now this works best when you’re breaking the news to a group of people for instance your immediate family. Get your parents and siblings in the same room over the pretense of a meal. Hide witty and charming clues all over the home, which eventually leads to the bedroom, where the sonography image lies waiting in a box. This is a great way to build anticipation!

Have your cake and eat it too

From cookies to cupcakes, profiteroles to pie, the list of baby-themed desserts is deliciously high. Why not customise your favourite sweet treat with an adorable message like “there’s a new queen/king in the house”. It’ll be even more special if you bake the goodies yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect; the only criterion is thoughtfulness. Plus, who doesn’t love a free dessert?!

Diaper delivery

We always crack up at the thought of this one. It’s sassy, it’s fun, it’s an announcement well done. Order a bunch of baby essentials to your home – nappies, wet wipes, lotion – and have your partner receive them. Watch as his forehead creases with confusion, at first. Cut to, the realisation finally hitting. It’s one of the simplest and surest ways to get the news across. Plus, you’re one up on your baby products.

The key to a good announcement is knowing who your audience is.

It’s twice as fun and twice as precious!

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