Attending That First Wedding with The Newest Member of The Fam-Jam

While the happy couple is awaiting their happily ever after, you’re navigating your nappily ever after.

A baby and a wedding may not be a match made in heaven. 

Luckily, Greendigo is on board as your wedding-guest-usher.

Take our sage advice and you could make wedding attending a habit. 

Here are a few things to say “I do” too.

Hire a sitter for the big day

From a nanny to an aaya, to you – plain old mama, there’s got to be someone on baby duty. After all, there’s a lot going on at an Indian wedding. What with all the people and the lights and music and dance… phew! If you’d rather not turn to external help, though, you and your partner could take turns with the newest and littlest party goer. Remember to be vigilant at all times. 

Pack the baby bag with care

Without that magical baby bag that never seems to have a beginning or an end, your dreams of attending a wedding are at risk of failing. So, grab that tote. Make sure to pack an extra pair of clothing, diapers, snacks, milk or water, and toys. You might also need to carry a stroller and highchair, or have those waiting for you upon arrival at the venue. Make the arrangements prior to your departure.

Dress your mini-me in a cute outfit

Needless to say, this is our favourite part. It’s also definitely the most fun. You can get creative with your little fashionista’s outfit by playing around with accessories like bows, clips and hair ties. For boys, why not jazz things up with really cool socks? Head to Greendigo’s virtual shop to create a cheerful, vibrant and easy-breezy look. 

Make sure your little one is comfortable

This is a super important one, parents. From the outfit and footwear, to the climate and the ambience, it can all be a little ‘hit or miss’ with a baby. Which is why you must gauge your child’s comfort levels at all times. If he or she is getting anxious or even hangry (which is very common), shift to plan B.

Allow your tiny tot to socialise

A wedding is a great opportunity for your baby to meet friends and relatives for the very first time. The earlier he or she is exposed to people, the better it is for development of social skills. Plus, it’s an amazing photo-op. Keep in mind with all the new faces, it can get overwhelming. 

Excuse yourself a little early

If you’ve managed to attend the wedding, that’s a victory in itself. Made it through 2-3 hours without your baby getting fidgety? Well, congratulations, that’s a bonus. Having an infant or toddler means that you have the perfect excuse to head out before people start screaming, “shots”. Exercise that free go-home card.

A wedding is a beautiful occasion where people from across the world come together to celebrate love.

Don’t miss out on the chance to toast to a bright future, albeit with milk instead of champagne!

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