A Neat and Tidy Pile Keeps Mum and Dad’s Smile | Here’s How You Can Manage Kids’ Clothing

We know that you didn’t sign up to be your baby’s personal stylist and/or assistant.

But a parent’s job often feels like one of those all-in-one job descriptions.

After all, kids are messy and indecisive. 

To make organising clothes that much more simple and stress-free, here is our two cents on the matter.

Smart Storage Solutions

When it comes to taming those mounds and mountains of clothing, the only thing that really matters is this seven-letter word – “storage”. 

Whether you have a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, or pockets of empty space under the bed, you could greatly benefit from the ease and efficiency of storage products. 

Especially when you’ve got to make the most out of your nursery or kids’ bedroom.

But first, ask yourselves this, “how many items of clothing does my child possess?”

Gain clarity on the quantity of clothing, the duration for which you’ve got to store the items, as well as the frequency of which you’ll be pulling them out.

The next step is to source good quality storage containers that can be easily placed and accessed.

Greendigo’s organisers are one such convenient, multipurpose option.

They are made out of certified organic cotton, and come in a wonderful size of 23.5 x 15.5 x 6 inches. 

The front pockets provide extra room, while the tie-on loops enable you to hang it on the back of a door, off a changing rack, or on the side of the cot.

This is a wonderful place to store your little one’s daily essentials like onesies and bibs.

But remember, don’t resort to stuffing, squeezing and stacking.

Organise, and then place.

Sleek Organisational Hacks

Children’s clothing can be organised in many different ways.

However, we believe that the best organisational method is often the simplest one.

There’s no need for an overly complex system that has you wracking your brain every day.

Opt for something natural and logical, instead, such as sorting clothing by size, type, occasion and season.

For instance, summer clothing and winter clothing, home wear and festive wear, school outfits and play date outfits, present attire and future attire.

Once you’ve segregated and classified the garments, turn to handy organisational products for the next part of the process.

Instead of making tall piles, why not use dividers to separate items and help you locate exactly what you need?

This helps you keep things neat, plus save space!

You can even use clothes pegs or racks for items that you need to grab quickly such as hats and scarves.

What’s more, clothes bins are a great option for underwear and socks.

Simple Sustainable Tips

Set the tone for your kids’ clothing organisational journey with a mindful attitude.

We, at Greendigo, encourage you to do so by making four piles out of all the clothing.

One to keep, one to discard, one to donate, and one to pass down.

That way, you’re helping to combat a very prevalent issue of textile waste.

Additionally, you get to help all those children in need. 

Make a difference for your space and your planet’s, with our conscious and competent tricks.

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