A Baby Bedtime Routine Equals Bliss, Benefits, and More!

Your newborn baby will be craving the familiarity of the womb, a warm and peaceful place, for a good night’s rest.

Establishing a bedtime routine will help reinforce this feeling and create a sense of comfort and wellbeing, which is especially important for when you’re trying to fine tune the sleep clock, and imbibe healthy sleeping habits. Creating an everyday bed time ritual will augment the sleep training process, making it more effective in the long run.

A dedicated bedtime routine also works well to support and strengthen your infant’s circadian rhythms - a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle. By stimulating this function, early on, what you’re really doing is developing their biological responses, so that they may differentiate between day and night.

Another wonderful benefit of a baby bedtime routine is that it acts as a potent sleep cue. Once you begin the motions of a soothing regimen, your baby’s sleep responses get triggered automatically.

As you can see, all of the above helps your little one to slow down and mentally prep for the sweetest dreams.

When To Set Up a Baby Bedtime Routine

First and foremost, there’s no rush, so don’t pressure yourself to create a bedtime routine as soon as your baby is born.

That being said, Greendigo recommends starting as early as 4 to 6 weeks to get the most out of this ritual.

This is because, at two months, the internal clock will become a smidge more predictable — and you can try implementing a very basic newborn sleep schedule.

Identify your baby’s natural sleep clock, his or her responses and patterns. Remember, every child is unique, so learn to read the signals.

How To Set Up a Baby Bedtime Routine

Greendigo’s tips and tricks come from real life experiences, so you’re actually getting the collective wisdom of hundreds of mamas to help you curate the best bedtime routine!

  1. Maintain a log of your baby’s sleep patterns and habits, especially the duration of the longest nap, and subtle sleep cues like yawning and eye rubbing. This will help you identify the right time to begin the sleep regimen.
  1. Enable a safe, comfortable and consistent sleeping environment. This includes finding the optimum balance of bedding, lighting and temperature. Greendigo’s baby cot sets and baby crib bedding, made out of pure organic cotton, helps to keep babies warm and secure through the night.
  1. Engage in an array of pre-bedtime rituals like a relaxing massage, followed by a warm bath and soothing feed, to release that melatonin, and imbibe a feeling of Zen.
  1. Turn to lullabies, ambient sounds, or white noise, if your baby requires a further nudge towards sleep land.
  1. Assess and correct! We can’t stress enough the importance of making changes to the routine as per your baby’s unique requirements.

Very soon, you’ll have perfect the bedtime routine.

Write to us if you’ve got your own tips to share with fellow parents.

And to ensure the best slumber, explore Greendigo’s collection of dreamy, magical, baby bedding.

Each baby bedding set is special, much like your newborn. 

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