5 Things You Wish People Shared About Motherhood | Budding/New Moms, Listen Up Loud and Clear!

You are about to go through (or are currently going through) a life altering change.

The transition from carefree to caregiver is a journey fraught with many ups and downs.

But you’re not alone, nor are you the only mom navigating this topsy turvy road.

If you find yourself struggling through those first few weeks, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pictures only capture the good moments

Curated family photographs can often be misleading. After all, the camera isn’t privy to all those moments in between. The messy, uncomfortable moments. And behind the lens, beneath those picture-perfect smiles, is a whole other story. One of sleepless nights, nursing misadventures, frustration and worry. But there’s also an incomparable happiness to be felt. And while at this stage, the hard days do come more often than the easy ones, it will get better. Patience rewards every parent.

Sleeping more than 3 hours at a time is a gift 

Gone are the days when an 8-hour sleep cycle was possible. As a new mother, you will find sleep to be an elusive friend. But, remember, this is completely natural. You’re not the odd man out because you got a total of three hours of sleep broken up into 20-minute chunks. In fact, it is the norm rather than an exception. Find time for a quick siesta whenever you can. The trick is to sleep when your baby sleeps. 

You’ll make more mistakes than you can count

Aspiring for perfection in your motherhood journey will only leave you disappointed and overwhelmed. No matter how prepared you are, in terms of knowledge and advice, you can never really anticipate what will happen in the spur of the moment. And babies can be incredibly unpredictable – content in one moment, and cranky in the next... So, embrace those sticky situations. Learn from those mistakes. Forgive yourself, and move on to the next day. 

A support system can get you through anything 

Help comes from many places; some may be unexpected but highly welcome. As a new mom, you’ll want to lean on support, as much, and wherever possible. This is what will get you through those difficult days. Especially for those who suffer from postpartum blues. In no means does this make you less of a parent, in fact it shows great strength and resourcefulness. Shed the notions of what a traditional mother ought to look like, and rely on your maternal instincts to steer you in the right path. 

Savour those firsts, they grow up so quick!

Your baby is changing from one minute to the next. Those chubby little feet and hands are constantly growing and exploring. Don’t forget to savour those moments. And we mean, truly savour. Put the camera down and fully get into the experience. The first time he/she sits upright, crawls, walks, utters those first words. No one tells you how many things you could possibly miss amidst the madness!

From stretch marks to baby head buts, isolation to delirium, motherhood definitely challenges you.

But, we’re certain, with the right mindset, you can be wonderful at it.

And always remember, your tiny human loves you!

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