24 Common Pregnancy Fears

It's only natural to have apprehensions and fears during your pregnancy.  

If you’re a new mom, especially, those nine months can often feel like a thriller flick.

And all you really want is for your prenatal journey to go by smoothly.

But guess what? It most likely will!

While some things require actual care and consideration, others don’t need to take up quite so much of your mental space, alright?

Greendigo has highlighted 24 common pregnancy fears and how to navigate them.

  1. I may suffer from a miscarriage.

  2. I may go into labour too early.

  3. My water might break in public.

  4. I may not make it time to the hospital.

  5. I may forget my hospital bag at home.

  6. My partner or loved one may not be present during the delivery.

  7. I could have a difficult or complicated delivery.

  8. I may have to go in for an emergency c-section.

  9. I will not be able to handle the labour pain.

  10. Being so exposed during labour will be embarrassing.

  11. My baby could be born with a birth defect or disability.

  12. My baby could be born prematurely.

  13. My morning sickness could mean that my baby isn’t getting enough food.

  14. My baby will be harmed if I eat or drink certain things.

  15. My baby will be harmed if I have sex.

  16. My baby could get suffocated by the umbilical cord.

  17. I may not be a good enough parent.

  18. I may never get back into shape.

  19. I will be treated differently by my colleagues.

  20. I may not get as many work opportunities.

  21. My career will never be the same again.

  22. I will never be carefree again.

  23. I may suffer from postpartum depression.

  24. I may lose my temper with people easily.

Did you know, pregnancy risks are much rarer than you think?

If you are a normal and healthy person, you are at low risk of suffering from the above.

To ease your mind’s worries, here are some of our pro tips.

  1. Share all your medical concerns with your OBGYN.

  2. Create a detailed birth plan.

  3. Make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

  4. Talk to a counsellor to address self-deprecating thoughts.

  5. Join a support group for pregnant women.

  6. Heed the advice of experienced mothers.

  7. Practice yoga or pilates to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  8. Have a meeting with your employer.

  9. Set clear expectations with your team members.

  10. Learn to maintain healthy boundaries with your inner and outer circles.

  11. Write down one good thing about yourself every day.

  12. Ask your family if they will consider helping you when the baby is born.

The mind can play many tricks on us, especially when we are exhausted and overwhelmed.

So, try and focus your energy towards constructive things instead like shopping for GOTS-certified organic cotton newborn clothes.

And here’s a gentle reminder that you are going to be just fine!

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